Science, that feels like magic

Myoovi makes period cramps vanish!

9 in 10 women have painful periods & 1 in 10 suffer with endometriosis. We know that trying to prevent the pain using painkillers or heat pads isn’t always effective. That’s because they don’t prevent pain signals from reaching your brain.

As UK healthcare experts, we’ve combined the power of TENS pain relief into a small, wireless and portable device hidden under your clothes.

The result…? Soothing, discreet pain relief all day.

3 easy steps to pain-free periods

1. Stick it on

Peel off, and stick Myoovi on where you need it most.

2. Turn it on

Turn on your Myoovi, adjust to your comfort setting.

3. Feel the relief

Experience pain-free periods, and get on with life.

Explore our frequently asked questions.

Myoovi uses medically proven TENS technology short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Small pulses travel through the gel pad placed on the abdomen or lower back preventing the pain signals from travelling to the brain. The result? Instant pain relief.
As much as you'd like. Our bodies are all different so some of us may need to use it for longer periods of time and that is completely fine. If you do feel any discomfort then maybe take a little break or move your Myoovi to a different spot.
The short answer is: YES of course! TENS technology has been tested, tried and used to treat people in the medial field for many years. It is FDA approved and CE marked. So, you can use it with peace of mind.
We understand our bodies work differently so it may not work for all. However, that is nothing to worry about as we have a 60-day hassle-free returns policy. You have 60 days to try it out as much as you like. If it doesn't help ease your pain, we will give you a full refund.

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