Founded By Doctors 

Myoovi was founded by doctors who want to make a difference. Doctors that understand the medicine of menstrual health, but also appreciate that the current systems are failing many people with periods. 

We wanted to not only create products that took a more holistic approach to menstrual healthcare but also a community that feels seen, heard and understood. 


79% of girls and young women avoid talking to their doctor about their period symptoms


Inspired By Our Community

Every product we create has been inspired by a conversation with real people suffering from their periods or feeling lost when it comes to their hormonal health.

We’re proud of our strong connection to the Endometriosis Community and work closely with campaigners and charities to ensure both our product range and content align with their needs. 


Only 17% of adult women feel they have enough knowledge about menstrual wellbeing

Passionate About Education

When it comes to our health, knowledge is power - and we’re not ones for gatekeeping!

We believe that everyone deserves access to trusted information about their bodies, their cycles and their hormones, so they can make informed choices about their health.

Our Learning Zone is full of free resources to help you take the next step in your menstruation education.     

Read what real women are saying...

Best investment

This is the best product i have ever bought. At first i was sceptical But it actually works even with the most terrible of pains.


As an Endo Warrior

I suffer with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, IBS and chronic pain. This little gem was bought on a 3am pain induced state and I’m so glad I did.

Hannah B.

A Life changer!

An absolutely incredible device and the best customer service I have ever experienced with an online order

Samantha S.

It really works!

Let me tell you, Oovi is not a let down. I used this for the first time yesterday and after 20 minutes, the pain went away. It just...went away.

Jenna A.

Effective product

Got this for my daughter who has had PCOS pains for over a year. This has helped her a lot as it is very effective and gives quick pain relief.

M Macleod

Well worth the investment

This product is well worth the investment! This actually works so well, no more painkillers or hot water bottles - yayyyy!

Melissa M.