About Myoovi.

Every month, we experience wild cramps, incredible pain and bloody bloating.

Period pain affects up to 90% of women. And nearly a third of women suffer with it severely every month. We believe you deserve a convenient, comfortable and rapid solution allowing you to live your best life.

Debilitating cramps, bloating or nausea during your period are enough to drive you mad. So at Myoovi we’ve designed a magical, discreet way to vanish your period cramps.

Pain relief your body can trust.

Myoovi’s science-backed device is simple, and works using proven technologies that relieve period pain fast.

You deserve to feel confident whilst wearing your Myoovi, so we designed them in 3 different skin tone colours with settings that can be adjusted to your body. 

We’re so sure you’ll love Myoovi, that we’ve extended our money-back guarantee to 60 days.

We’re doctors and understand how much you suffer…

As UK healthcare professionals, we come across a lot of women suffering with period pain & endometriosis, often taking tons of pain killers.

In the clinic, we discovered that TENS machines were hugely beneficial for eliminating period pain. However, regular TENS machines are bulky, have a ton of wires, and are impractical.

Cramps massively affect your quality of life - getting in the way of work, events and just general socialising. So we designed Myoovi to be with you everywhere you go, comfortably and discreetly. 

Myoovi not only gives you that longing pain relief, but it’s also drug-free and completely wireless, so that you can wear it under your clothes all day long.

Real women, real butt-kicking pain relief...